Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

In the department, the following departments are available:

Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physic chemistry Biochemistry,

As a result of the broad-spectrum education they get, the graduates of the department can choose to continue their academic career as well as working at different areas such as public institutions, research and development centers, plastic industry, pharmaceutical industry, dyeing industry, petro chemistry, metal industry, textile industry, ceramic industry, cement industry, leather industry, detergent and soap industry, food industry, cosmetic industry, glass industry, environmental analysis laboratories, biochemistry laboratories, scientific research institutions, public and private educational institutions and sales and service companies of technical devices.


Head of the Department:

Asssistant Prof. Dr. Beşir Dağ

Assistant of the Head:

Asssistant Prof. Dr. Murat Sünkür