Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

Students have been enrolled to normal and evening education of the department since 2009-2010 education year. Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets department aims to train researcher to convey movable and immovable cultural heritage to future generations. The department is the first department of Turkey to give education at undergraduate level in the field of immovable cultural assets. Materials used in making movable cultural assets, deteriorations in the materials, conservation methods, restoration methods, chemical materials used in restoration, and mechanical tools and devices form basic research and implementation issues. Materials used in construction of immovable cultural assets, deteriorations in the materials, structure knowledge, technical drawing knowledge, conservation and restoration projects knowledge, conservation methods, restoration methods, technical devices tools and materials form basic research fields. Teaching staff and students of the department started to reveal successful examples on these issues.


Head of the Department:Prof. Dr. Ali Yılmaz