Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

In the department, the following departments are available:

Ancient History, Modern History, Contemporary History, History of the Republic of Turkey.

Undergraduate program in history is designed to introduce students to major conceptual tools and research methods of historical study, while providing a historical depth of field for the understanding of the contemporary world. The history of the Ottoman Empire basin in its social, economic, political, and cultural dimensions constitutes the geographic emphasis. Middle East and Turkish history is a main focus along with other topics. Comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches to the history of the region as well as to Asian and European history enrich the program.


Head of the department: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Nuri Türkmen

Assistant to the head:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mesut Ağır

Assistant to the head:  Assistant Prof. Dr. Selman Yaşar