Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The department, established in 2009, will start student admission in 2013-2014 education year.

The following departments are available:

General Sociology and Methodology, Applied Sociology, Institutions Sociology and Sociometry.

The basic aim of Sociology Department is to raise qualified sociologists and researchers by providing them with an academic and intellectual environment which will be helpful to them to achieve the best occupational knowledge, skills and experience possible in sociologic research by receiving a good conceptual framework and method knowledge. The students who graduates from Sociology Department are entitled as "sociologist" and with historical information, talent to interpret and criticize the social field, they can make professional career in many fields from academic environment to educational activities, and as specialist, counselor and official at the institutions such as family, justice, health, from SPO, to research institutions like development agencies, and advertisement, from social services to human resources and public relations.


Head of the department: Assistant Prof. Dr. Mustafa hakkı Ertan

Assist. Of the head: Assist. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Arslan